Clarence Mikasa



The USOMONI brand was established in 2019 by Clarence Mikasa. There was a need for the increase of issues created by mental health among Pacific Island men, not only Pacific Island men, but men in general. It didn't matter what background you were from, whether you were wealthy, poor, famous or just the average person, mental health had no boundaries. There was always an increase in issues, cases that stemmed from mental health and not enough solutions, or help that our brothers could feel comfortable to reach out to.

USOMONI is a term in Samoan that means true brother or true sister. It represents someone who acknowledges that there is always someone in need of help, someone who needs to talk, someone who needs a shoulder to lean on, someone who needs a hand to get up. No matter who you are or where you are from they will always be willing to help in the best way they can. These people are ambassadors of USOMONI. 

Know that you are not alone; there is always someone that loves and cares about you and an uso (brother) will always be there for you - even through the really tough times.

The current statistics around men’s mental health, especially in the Pacific Islander communities is terrifying.

If you see someone wearing USOMONI merchandise (even if it’s on social media), they are an ambassador of USOMONI, please know they are on your side and that there is always an uso ready to listen.

Be an ambassador of USOMONI, show your support for the uso's in need, let them know that you are there for them. Let them know that you are USOMONI.

Don’t be silent. Speak up and seek help. It definitely ain’t weak to speak